tomatoes and dish towel

Hello everyone.  Today’s Photo Blogging Challenge was “Pop of Color”.  I had originally planned to photograph three hedge apples in the kitchen.  This dish towel was on the towel bar, and these tomatoes were on the counter, so I created a small still life to showcase the wonderful color.  The lighting was great, streaming in from a couple of windows and reflecting on the luscious skin of the fruit.  I hope you enjoy!

This photo might make you hungry, so I’ve linked to a recipe for Tomato Bisque Soup.

Have a creative day.  Use some color!

Fellow Quilter,


2 thoughts on “Flower

  1. Ah-h yes, the edible red fruit with which I am so familiar. And before readers post a correction, the tomato is truly a fruit according to botanists even though the cooking world says it is a vegetable. My knowledge with this sprawling vine comes from living on a farm in the ‘50s and ‘60s where my parents had over two acres of tomatoes which we sold to local groceries and individuals within the community. As for your photo, I appreciate the Culp balance placement of the tomatoes with stem going to the left and the black circle vine on towel completing the flow. But considering tomato bisque soup……well, it is bone-chilling cold right now and I am afraid those little guys would be cooked down to make chili! LOL

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