Preparing Your Quilt

  • You will need to provide your quilt top and backing fabric. I will provide the batting and thread as described below.
  • Do NOT baste or pin the layers together. This will be done as part of my initial set up onto the quilting machine.
  • Your backing fabric should be cut 6-8 inches longer AND wider than the quilt top. For example our 90×106” quilt top should be accompanied by a backing that is 96” x 112”. It is okay if the backing is a few inches larger than this, but it should not be any smaller. I will return any excess fabric to you with your completed quilt.
  • If you prewashed the fabrics in your quilt top, then you should prewash the backing fabric. Please press out the wrinkles and fold neatly.
  • If your backing requires a seam, please remove the selvage edges, sew together using a ½” seam allowance, and press open. If possible, the seam should run vertically along the length of the quilt.
  • Trim any loose threads from the quilt top and backing. Dark threads showing through lighter colored fabrics will detract from the look of the quilt.
  • Press seams nice and flat so that your quilt has a smooth appearance. This is especially important if you’d like stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.
  • If you will be adding embellishments to your quilt, such as buttons or charms, please add them after the quilting has been completed. I cannot guarantee that the embellishments will not be damaged in the quilting process, and in extreme cases, the embellishments could interfere when advancing the quilt on my machine.
  • It is very helpful to know the intended use of the quilt. Quilts that will be washed repeatedly will need a different approach than would a quilt that is meant to hang on a wall.
  • If you have ideas for quilting motifs, I would like to know. After all, this is your quilt, and you should get what you want.
  • I am an artist, and I will apply all of my skills to fulfill your quilt’s destiny. I know first hand, how much time and effort you have already invested in the quilt top, and it deserves wonderfully appropriate quilting.
  • I intend to meet the date that I have quoted for completion of your quilt.

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