Mysterious Homes of the Not-So-Rich-And-Famous

Hello everyone.  Today’s topic on Photo101… “Mysterious”.  I’ve lived in this town for nearly 18 years, and these two houses are a mystery to me.  Who lived here?  Why did they leave?  What happened to them?  Who owns them now?  I really don’t know, and people don’t talk about them.

I guess you can just make up your own stories to go with these photos.  The smaller house is not for sale, or at least there is no realty sign out front.  The larger house has a realty sign hidden in the weeds.  You can’t see it in the photo, but trust me it’s there.

I hope you have fun creating a story for these.  I’ll be crafting some quilt blocks this weekend to go with my ongoing project.  I’m almost to the 200 mark.  (That’s halfway, if you haven’t read my earlier post…)

If you think of some good story lines to go with these images, I’d love to read them in my comments.  Have fun!

Have a creative day!

Fellow Quilter,


6 thoughts on “Mysterious Homes of the Not-So-Rich-And-Famous

  1. I’ve always felt the same way when I pass one of these abandoned looking houses…what happen…who lived there? 🙂

  2. Since you asked for a story line of the Mysterious house at the turn-a-bout in town, let me send my fictitious (FALSE) impression of a house I too have wondered about for years. Let us say a young couple met while dancing at the Roseland Ball Room (real name) and fell in love. They married; husband built a beautiful home trimmed with brackets and shutters to match her precise quilting. (Really, check out the eaves and upper siding—they are quilt patterned!) The clothes line was in the full sun while the garden grasped the afternoon shade of the limestone cliffs nearby. Times were good and happiness prevailed when they learned she was “with child.” But then Pearl Harbor was bombed and lives were changed for everyone. Naturally, he enlisted but when word arrived that he was killed in action, she miscarried. The windows were closed and the curtains never opened again. For the next 70 years, she ventured outside only on occasion. Eventually the grey-haired lady succumbed to her dying grief. The house stands in remorse today and without love of anyone. CHAPTER TWO: (Brief thoughts) A young couple met on the Internet; they moved away from city life and found the estate papers to the house. They purchased the property, renovated the home, and became pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, situations in the world called him back into the Service….now everyone can finish this story with their own thoughts of a lost and lonely individual once again or, my choice, of happiness and a community’s positive homecoming of a wounded but loved warrior. And since I chose a happy ending, ask yourself did the wife conceive twins because the first home owner lost her child and that soul wanted to come to earth a second time? Only Heaven really knows.
    POST SCRIPT – remember this is all fiction. Enjoy. LOL Hope to see other story lines.

      1. Thanks for the kudos and thank you Mrs.T (high school English teacher) and my mother (1-room school house teacher in the 1930s) who taught me to feel the words. Really enjoying your blog and photos. Keep ’em coming!

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