Hello everyone.  Today’s photo blogging prompt… “Architecture”.  Well, that was an easy target.  Joe and I love our 95 year-old craftsman bungalow.  We are only the third owners of this grand home, and it’s beautiful inside, and out.  I could have shown you photos of the original woodwork inside.  Mrs. Groves had the foresight to apply 15 coats of varnish to the trim and doors, so aside from a few minor dings, they are as perfect as they were back in 1919.

I chose to go outside.  It’s been pretty cold here, but today is a bit of a break from that.  I took several totes of recycling to the local center, and I shot 38 photos of our home, all in black and white.  (a suggestion from the photo blogging assignment team)

I chose two images.  One for the literalists, and one is a bit more abstract thinking.

A beautiful craftsman bungalow, built in 1919 by T. Barr and Merle Groves
A beautiful craftsman bungalow, built in 1919 by T. Barr and Merle Groves
Architectural Elements - from about a century apart.
Architectural Elements – from about a century apart.

Let me know in the comments which image you like better.

Have a creative day!

Fellow Quilter,


3 thoughts on “Craftsman

  1. Brian, I personally like the second one. Not that he first isn’t beautiful because as you know your house is stunning but this ties in with also our connect assignment. I mean at my house the cable/dish what ever is on from the time my wife gets home till she goes to bed. Staying connected to the outside world rough the TV. I also like the shading of the house and all the lines. Thanks for sharing with us and great job today!

  2. I will go with the latter abstract one too simply because Britannica defines architecture “…to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements, and thus it serves both utilitarian and aesthetic ends.” Utilitarian in my opinion is something or someone that will cause pleasure for people in general. The second photo shows the pleasure of modern-day communication while the black-white slats with heavy eave supports serves expression of an early day along with stability of a home nearing 100 years of age.

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