We are hopping now

Hello everyone. Today we are off on a marvelous quilt shopping adventure. The fabric and patterns in the Nebraska shops better watch out, or they just might find themselves residing in Colorado. We just left “Quilts and Conversations” Quilt shop in Arapahoe, Nebraska. Ruth owns this store, and we always love stopping by to see her. She has a ton of embroidery patterns, great samples, and more quilting stencils than I think I’ve ever seen in one store, If you get a chance to visit here, you should check it out. Tell her Brian, Ann, Diane and Paula said “Hello!”.
Next stop will probably be in Grand Island, but you never know… We might find another quilt shop along the way… I’ll let you know.


Last night we had a music concert at the 4th and Main Listening Room, by Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt from Austin Texas. Great musicians, and I caught a great line in one of Danny’s songs… “I can move a mountain… When the mountain moves in me”. I wrote it down, and wanted to share it with you friends. I take inspiration from everything around me. I hope you do too!
Fellow Quilter,
Brian Clements