About Fellow Quilter

Hello everyone!  Let’s spend some time together.  Inspiration is alive and well — here in my blog.  I tend to have a wide range of interests, but my main focus is patchwork and quilting.

img275The quilt-bug caught up to me in 1989.  It’s all Kaye Wood’s fault.  {Thank you, Kaye!}  My first quilt was pretty good for a beginner… I only made about a hundred bad choices, but I finished that sucker in time for my Bro’s wedding.  Since then, I’ve made about a hundred more quilts.  Most of them are just for fun.  I challenge myself each year to create something extra-fantastic for the county fair, and other exhibits.  I’ve been pretty fortunate.  My quilts have been exhibited in local, state, regional, national and international quilt shows and museums.  I’ve been in a few magazines, too!  Pretty neat, considering this is really just a big ol’ hobby for me.

What are you going to get out of our little blog-o-sphere friendship?  I hope you’ll learn from some of my experiences, and share some of your own.  Comments are easy to post here.  The quilting police have been let go.  We are gonna have fun!  I give inspiration, organizing tips, and show you a few of my over 50 works in process.  I might post about a shop I visit, or something inspiring from a trip.  I love music too!  Lucky for me, we have live music close to my studio.  I will post some links to musicians.  Maybe you’ll like them too.

If you’re looking for a longarm quilter… click on the tabs above for information.  I’d love to add my little something special to your project.

Until we visit again,

Happy Quilting,

Fellow Quilter,

Brian Clements


2 thoughts on “About Fellow Quilter

  1. Brian, Would you be interested in giving a talk/presentation at a local quilt store in Greeley Colorado? Please contact me. Thanks Robin

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