Sunset Lane

Looking South from Sunset Lane
Looking South from Sunset Lane

Hello everyone. For today’s assignment, “Landscape”, I headed out around our great town with my camera in hand. I thought about a shot of Stalker Lake. Umm, not today. I saw the bluffs behind the school, and actually settled on a spot just down the road. I expected to focus more on the cliffs, but the sunshine was bound and determined to take center stage.
I was glad there were a few clouds to add more interest to the gorgeous blue sky.
The dirt road does pull you into the scene, and I love the way the sun rays explode in the sky.
I’d say it’s another beautiful day here on the eastern plains of Colorado.
Have a great day, and be inspired.
Fellow Quilter,

3 thoughts on “Sunset Lane

  1. I would title your photo “Perspective Past” since (1) the dirt road forms two lines into the distance; (2) the road curves to momentarily call attention to a small house built upon a flat ground surface before the land rises to the over-powering cliffs; (3) a person’s eye then floats upward to the isolated plateau and into the sun’s spiritual mid-day rays; and, if I am correct about this location, (4) because my mental view (a different kind of perspective) sits me in late 1950s 4-H meetings in this very house. Thanks for the memory. Wonder what this photo would look like in black and white to signify the cold? Nice photo. Keep ‘em coming.

    1. You very well may have had 4-H there. It is just west of the current high school about 3 blocks. Thanks for the great comments for my photos. Have a great weekend. It will be fun to see the photo assignment for Monday.

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