Miniatures Wins!

Hello everyone,
Just an update to let you followers know that the Miniatures quilt won Professional Best of Show at the Yuma County Fair in Colorado.
In addition, the award I sponsor, for best use of color in a quilt, was awarded to my good friend and customer, Chris Wade of Wray!!!
Good job, Chris. I saw you (your quilt anyway) at the fair!!! LOL


5 thoughts on “Miniatures Wins!

  1. How beautiful ! I really miss you guys ; very fond memories of you in China. I adore the specifics of this piece ; very detailed, soft, and inviting.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Glenda M.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! All the quilts were lovely. What fun it is to go and see the personality of each and every quilter in their work. Of course you did well too my friend! Guess what? In a year, I’ll “See you at the fair!” Love

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  3. Way to go! Always enjoy seeing your workmanship. This year I also had the opportunity to be in Colorado for the Quilt of the Plains to see your other pieces and, of course, a whole community of quilter’s. What a treat.

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