Santa Fe First Friday

Hi everyone.  Tonight it is RAINING!!!  As an artist, there’s no better diversion than a stroll through the arts district.  Joe and I did just that tonight.  We began at my good friend, and quilter, J. Bruce Wilcox.
We have exhibited together at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum many times.  He has a very interesting approach to his patchwork… and the man doesn’t shy away from set in corners.
Next, we went to Santa Fe Drive and begun our “gallery hopping”.  It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon a really neat place, FABRICBliss


They sell really cool fabrics and yarns.  Of course I left with a couple of fabrics, and more fat quarters than I can count fell into my hands and ultimately onto my receipt!

The two coolest artists that I met today were Rob Watt and Elaine Ricklin.  Rob makes the most awesome embroidered arts pieces.  He showed me his current work in progress….   and it’s already taking shape on a background of white silk dupioni fabric.

Elaine is the wife of a pharmacist that works with Joe’s sister Mary.   Her show consisted of all works related to “Near the Water”.  A great combination of photography and painting, linoleum printing with watercolors, and more, were artfully curated to showcase her many talents.  her website is if you want to take a peek.

We also came across some terrific live music.  Abi Robins sounded great!  I don’t know if she has a site, but I plan to look for her online.  Maybe she’ll come sing at 4th and Main’s listening room someday…   wouldn’t that be nice?
My last bit for tonight comes from a little sign I saw hanging in the basement of one of the artist studio coop buildings….  and it said….


I’ll leave you on that thought for tonight…

One thought on “Santa Fe First Friday

  1. Dupioni!!! Oh my gosh hard to sew on. I love hearing about these talented and creative people. Have fun!

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