Studio Sneak Peek

Studio Sneak Peek

I love looking at other artists studios. So… I thought you’d like a peek into mine.

As you see “Artie” is busy stitching out a design on my latest customer’s quilt.

Actually, that reminds me… This customer, Benita from Greeley, Colorado asked me to quilt a dear sentiment on her quilt.

She told the story of her father helping her with story problems in her math homework as a young girl. He would prompt her to solve the problem by asking “What do you have… and what do you want?”

I thought this phrase was so awesome. Really fits with the puzzle theme of this sudoku quilt pattern for sure.

It took some time to quilt, being that each letter is stiched out as an individual pattern, but the end result is marvelous.

I hope you like the peek at my studio, and especially a glimpse into this quilt’s legacy.

Fellow Quilter,
Brian Clements

2 thoughts on “Studio Sneak Peek

  1. Hi Brian – I am the lady down Missouri way who saw your winning quilt in a show held in Overland Park, Kansas. What a delight it is to have found your posts; I look forward to seeing more of your quilts. Your studio has wonderful lighting. Congrats. Am looking forward to seeing the Wray paper after reunion weekend and Quilt of the Plains.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I too am glad you’ve found my humble blog. I hope to be inspiring and fun, and share my ideas with you. I’ve decided to try to quilt a new quilt for the show next week. I’ve had this Burgoyne Surrounded quilt top that I pieced at least 17 years ago, and I’m inspired to get it done. I’ll hang it in the show, and if I remember, I’ll take a photo, and upload it to my blog so you can see it. Happy quilting, Donna.
      Fellow Quilter,
      Brian Clements

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